Rally Software places first among 20 Bike to Work Day Business Challenge winners

Boulder-based Rally Software claimed first place in a Bike to Work Day Business Challenge, Way to Go, a division of the Denver Regional Council of Governments, has announced. Way to Go recognized 20 winners in the 2013 Bike to Work Day Business Challenge.

Bike to Work Day 2014 is Wednesday, June 25 throughout Metro Denver.

Along with Rally, the top three were Plexus Engineering Solutions and Navigant Boulder. In order, other winners were Davis Partnership Architects, Seagate Technology, City of Boulder Municipal Government, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado Department of Law, Colorado School of Mines, Healthgrades, Qualcomm, National Institute of Standards and Technology and National Telecommunications and Information Administration (tied for 12th place), University of Colorado Denver-Anschutz Medical Campus, Sports Authority Corporate, Primal Wear, Sundyne, Slaterpaull Architects, Tensentric, Suncor Energy USA and Zen Planner.

The business challengers were judged on a scale that compensated for the size of the company.

Rally is an international company with Colorado offices in Boulder and Denver. Its other North American offices are in Kirkland, Calif., Raleigh, N.C., and Toronto, Canada. It also has offices in London, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney.

Plexus, also a global company, has a branch office in Louisville, Colo. Navigant is an international Boulder-based company with an office in Denver.

Mosquitoes don’t attempt to bite through this eco-friendly forcefield

Most people enjoy spending time enjoying activities outdoors during fair weather. There are local festivals, farmers markets, family parties, gatherings with friends and sporting events that all take place outdoors. Add in gardening, poolside relaxing and refreshing evenings of patio lemonades and you (and your dogs!) are in a prime position to be targeted as a mosquito buffet.
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Just the fact that a person is breathing makes them attractive to mosquitoes. Warm weather that causes perspiration and elevated body heat in addition to activities that usually include drinking alcohol outside create the perfect storm for these flying invaders. Left with, at the very least an itchy red bump; and at worst a blood-borne disease like malaria, there is nothing pleasant about this experience. The fate for your dog s much worse: heart worms are transmitted through mosquito bites.

In the past, there have been solutions that include applications of product to the skin or burning candles to deter mosquitoes. Ones that use harsh chemicals are not only unhealthy for humans and pets but also dangerous for our environment. I personally do not like to apply anything to my skin when I am already sweaty and hot. And the smell of citronella oil in the air makes me nauseous.

When I found Thermacell, I was excited to try a repellent that did not smell like citronella, didn’t have an open flame and wasn’t in a form that I had to apply it to my skin. I am one of the people who are more attractive to mosquitoes due to certain factors. I work in my garden almost every day and if I do not do some type of parasite damage control, I am covered in mosquito bites. Thermacell sent me some of their products to try last season, however I had sprayed my yard with cedar oil (which repels fleas and mosquitoes). I wanted to give a realistic review with no other factors so I opted to wait until this season to complete my review. I’ve also taken the products with me to several other locations and I am happy to say they performed just as well everywhere else.

At a very reasonable $29.99, the Lantern is my favorite mosquito repellent tool. As a control, I spent about 12 hours per day on Sundays working on a very large, very detailed hardscaping project in my yard over the past four weeks. I used no mosquito protection and as a result, I earned myself about 8-10 mosquito bites. After breaking out the Lantern while watering my garden, weeding, pruning and continuing to do more yard work, I haven’t been bitten once. It’s effective in a 15’ x 15’ area so as long as I stay within that zone, I am safe! Moving around outside of that area definitely proves the effectiveness of the product: it’s like being inside of a force field when it’s on and has been given a little bit of time to build up in the air. It’s pretty, with settings for low or high as far as illumination is concerned, and looks cute wherever I set it down in the garden. It can be used as a lantern without turning on the mosquito repellent as well. My plan is to purchase several more and hang them on my fence posts or shepherd’s hooks so that my entire yard will be covered in protection. This way my dogs won’t wander out of the covered zone. Operating on a single butane cartridge, the lantern warms a little pad which is infused with allethrin. “Allethrin is a synthetic copy of a natural repellent found in pyrethrum flowers, a member of the chrysanthemum family.” It barely smells like much of anything and is definitely effective.

Thermacell also sent me their Mosquito Repellent Appliance to try. It covers the same area as the Lantern but has the capability of being attached to the person using it via a belt clip and costs a few dollars less than the lantern. This allows for hands-free protection without having to carry the Lantern around as you move. I found it to be helpful when hiking and walking, but I really love the look of the Lantern in the yard so I use it much more often. Because I am often bending and squatting when gardening, the appliance is a bit bulky for me. It still works the same as the Lantern, with the same amazing effectiveness but is just a little too big for a person of my small size. I took both to picnics and barbecues and wasn’t bitten by a single mosquito. My friends were amazed! The two products together are also available as a discounted package. They are also sold at your local Home Depot, Lowes, sporting goods stores, and Walmart.

Refills are available on their website and also on Amazon. I am so happy with this product, and I know you will be too! I could see this product as a vital item to pack when camping or fishing as well. I can say for sure that I will not be gardening without it! They are on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – follow and subscribe for coupons and specials.

Tesla’s patent release opens vistas to brave new worlds

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, electrified the transportation world last week. His emailed announcement marked a clear intent to freely share the 203 patents in his company’s meteoric rise in the electric automobile industry. His motivation is simple: Spur collaboration, not competition.

Patent wars stifle progress.

By sharing his investments with others, his stated objective is a mutually beneficial relationship, not the contentious and competitive environment ruled by legal professionals. Open sources invite durable relationships that develop wider acceptance and increased availability.

The threads of a blanket of charging stations across America could use some companions too. Tesla is cultivating gardeners as it cultivates gardens – making friends all along the way. But is it good for business?

Since the announcement four days ago, the actual value of Elon Musk’s tiny 23% stake in his company has increased in value ~half a billion dollars according to analysts. Just a sign of things to come.

From ecological disaster to sustainable environment, carbon crisis in perspective

With 100 million new cars a year and less than 1% electrics, the true competitors of electric cars are the 2 billion fuel-guzzling cars now cruising the planet on fossils. Blend in a few oil wars, rising seas and carbon levels unseen in many moons; we have a planet-sized market ripe for a make-over in attitude.

As Tesla moves into international markets, the availability of charging stations limits sales. Especially in the wide open country of China, acceptance of transportation by electric vehicle depends on viability of charging-station networks.

With collaboration, Tesla has seized the high ground in environmental stewardship, economic opportunity and socially responsible policy. Last week, Tesla met with BMW to discover shared interests in world-wide acceptance of electric vehicles.

From contentious attorneys in patent suits to creative inventors dancing on open-source platforms

When MIT joined Harvard in sharing their curricular content online for free, they keystoned the movement toward Open Educational Resources (OERs). This move by Tesla adds a fresh perspective on the urgency to address our wasteful habits.

Moving away from the patent paradigm with its wars and lawyers, delays and hold-ups, infringements and headaches, Tesla has chosen the path of open-sources. By developing human potential and instilling a sense of personal investment, open sourcing puts a priority on people and planets ahead of profits. Tesla is leading by example – sharing what they have done so that others can stand on the shoulders and see through the eyes and heads of giants.

Avoid allergens in the home

People who suffer from asthma, emphysema and other breathing problems, or who have allergies to dust mites, molds, pollen and mildew can increase their comfort indoors and alleviate symptoms by taking particular steps. These are some suggestions to try but, as always, see a personal physician or allergy specialist for medical assistance when needed.

Wash bed linens in water at least 130 degrees to kill dust mites.
Use special laundry additives that kill dust mites in water less than 130 degrees.
Wash pillows in hot water every 2 weeks or cover them with zippered allergen-impermeable covers. Use polyester-filled pillows, not foam rubber, and replace them every year.
Cover mattresses in allergen-impermeable covers.
Have wood, tile, linoleum or laminate floors instead of carpet, especially in sleeping areas.
Have wood, leather, plastic or vinyl furniture instead of upholstered furniture throughout the home.
Use shades on windows instead of drapes, curtains and blinds.
Avoid fabrics, throw pillows, throw rugs.
Keep home free from stuffed animals, wall hangings, posters that collect dust.
Maintain a humidity level below 50 percent in the home or dust mites will thrive. Only use a humidifier when the humidity level drops below 25 percent. Purchase a humidity gauge.
Have special filters installed on HVAC systems and replace filters regularly. Look for the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) between 6 and 12. Filters can be added to vents but may affect system efficiency. Room air filters like the HoMedics Brethe Air Cleaner, reported to have five times the strength of a HEPA filter, help keep indoor air dust allergen levels low, especially important in bedrooms.
Do not have open shelves or closets with curtains. Keep books inside covered bookcases, preferably not in the bedroom. Keep clothing inside closed drawers and closets.
Treat required non washable linens such as comforters every two weeks with products that neutralize allergens.
Keep pets outside if you must have them.
Keep windows closed so pollen and other air pollutants remain outside.
Dry clothes in a clothes dryer. Do not hang them outside.
When coming inside from outdoors, shower, wash hair and change clothes, putting previous clothing in enclosed laundry bin.
Use a non-bleach mold inhibitor to clean areas where mold is likely to form in dark, warm humid areas such as bathroom walls and showers, tile grouting, refrigerators, air conditioners, humidifiers, vaporizers, window frames, basements, garbage containers, shoe storage containers, concrete areas, under sinks, around toilets, washing machines, and garages. Add mold inhibitors to paints before painting inside the home.
Avoid locating sleeping areas underground as in basements.
Get leaking plumbing repaired and replace any wet building material.

A new treatment for house dust mite asthma was discussed on the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology website in May 2014.

Cannabix – marijuana breath-alyzer: just the ticket for stoned drivers

Highway safety has a new best friend. With the rising numbers of pot-impaired drivers, retired Canadian Royal Mounted Policeman Kal Malhi developed a breath-analyzing device to accurately measure toxicity and reliably confirm a pot-user’s recent (2-hour) consumption. Pot cops can now read our breath.

Joining forces with Dr. Raj Attariwala, a Canadian radiologist and nuclear medicine physician, and Dr. Bruce Goldberger, a toxicology research scientists and professor at the University of Florida, Malhi and cohorts have patents pending.

With recreational marijuana gaining quasi-legal status in some states, the Canadian inventor may have found a technological fix for the growing weak link in our safety net.

People are not afraid to drug and drive because they don’t feel law enforcement will do anything about it – Kal Malhi

Legal weed has a way of telling us something is askew with our world when one man’s pleasure includes accidently loading up, squealing out and plowing into our neighbors. After years of seeing the costs of abuse splattered on the highways and imploding neighborhoods, Kal worked with Sweden’s Karolinski Institute to develop reliable instrumentation.

In a press release on Monday, West Point Resources Inc announced the finalization of agreement with the developers to license and distribute Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer in North America. The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) has also given conditional approvals.

Invincibility and the automobile: minds of young drivers

THC levels in today’s pot are roughly 10 times what hippies burned at Woodstock. The pot is different. But a 16 year old kid today is a 10 year old kid in a 16 year old body when he tokes up, plans to impress his frenemies and demonstrate his screeching ferocity, with his pedal to the metal.

Will the Cannabix make any difference? Perhaps, but it won’t happen anytime soon. Marketing and legal infusion may take a year or more.

Waste Disposal Charges

The job of searching for a reliable garbage disposal provider in Vancouver BC can be tough, particularly if you have a small amount of money to spend. Additionally, it will be difficult on your side if you hire a garbage disposal firm because you have no experience at all regarding it as the worst thing that will happen is that there are providers that will bill you with high fees.

As a matter of fact, junk pick up is a type of service, which is not needed for the rest of the year. It might only occur a couple of instances every year. Do the best thing. You must make sure that you choose waste removal services with cheap prices but as well, shows top quality. If you’re planning to evaluate two or more rubbish hauling business, you should assess quotes in exactly the same services.

First on the listing is that, incredible expenditures are involved whenever you are on the junk disposal company in Vancouver BC where the majority of individuals are not really acquainted with it. Well, a good sample of this is our belief that hauling companies just fret about fuel, labour charge and ultimately, the dumping fees they should pay at the landfill in Vancouver City. There are concealed costs to be covered in this form of business enterprise. Authorities of Vancouver BC think about greater junk management rules annually, where it needs providers to accept the rules for the sake of their company. Recycling it really good but additional rules imply even bigger expenses. Prior to these new laws were implemented, we could only pickup loads of garbage and dispose them in the dump. But now, things have altered simply because each junk disposal provider is needed to sort out waste they have accumulated into groups and dump it in the appropriate recycling stations within Vancouver BC.

The federal government of Vancouver have mandated a strict list of rules to what are those that can just be disposed in the area and those that are forbidden. Take a look closely through each one of the businesses list of things that they dispose and ensure all the trash you have to removed is covered. You need to become knowledgeable regarding this simply because small time junk disposal providers in Vancouver at times are not able of disposing everything. Should you decide to choose companies that are bigger, you can be confident that they can deal with any sort of trash you want them to throw, including the forbidden ones because they have a warehouse for it; their services are extensive. As soon as these companies have stored enough, they would just take it to firms that are much more than equipped to take care of such forbidden materials.

There are many providers in Vancouver BC that will offer you with a good quote yet later you will find out that they can change their minds. This is all completed with the assistance of wording. Listen closely to their removal prices specifics. Confirm if this incorporates labor hours and also fees. Gain some greater understanding with the conditions. There might be circumstances wherein you agree on a pick up rates nevertheless the issue is, you may forget to let them know that they have to carry out the rubbish in a long distance. This will add more labour hours and they’ll charge a fee for that added work. Hence, you must explain to them any possible obstacles that they may encounter.

Yet another thing that has to be made is that some things carry extra fees. Vancouver BC made rules to make sure that all mattresses or box springs would be recycled always. They would need to take away the metal as well as wood in the mattress to be recycled. Taking apart the box spring is not an easy process and therefore, rubbish removal companies are charged extra charges on top of the disposal prices. The customer will have to pay for that amount.

There are lots of providers in Vancouver BC that will really give you a very inexpensive services. Hence, you need to check everything throughout discussions. Take note of their disposal fees that they’ll inform you. Are they going to post all of the costs or just labour hours alone? Gain some greater understanding with the circumstances. Frequently you’ll agree on a hauling fees yet you will forget to inform them that the waste must be carried over a long distance. Therefore, you should anticipate that they’ll charge you extra fee for extra labour hours. Hence, you must explain to them any potential obstacles that they may encounter.

If you wish to throw one or two items like furniture, expect every item to have its very own disposal rate. An item such as the furniture will comparatively cost around $50-$75. In case you have some single items, stay away from small providers which is somebody with a pick up truck wanting to gain a couple of bucks. These men are not really expert and you’ll possibly waste your time employing them. Also you should think about the fact that you have to allow this guy within your house. We hear of cases from Craigslist where there are men offering cheap home services for the purpose of casing the property.

Modern Living Room Ideas

Living room – it is the center of any home or apartment. On this basis, it is selected for the largest and most spacious room. Usually, in this room, not only receive visitors, but also use it for a family holiday. Therefore, living should be functional and interior design is selected so that it combines the beauty style and convenience, luxury and practicality. Comfortable conditions have to match your preferences, but guests should feel comfortable and relaxed her. Interior room must be sufficiently unique and help to solve these basic problems.

Options for the implementation of an interior room set, so that there is room for decoration, but you can to make up his own version of finishes. The living room can translate any ideas, thus, there is no need to limit yourself to the functional requirements that are imposed on other rooms. At the request of the interior of the living room can be done in the same style, but you can divide it into zones corresponding to the functional purpose, which will be convenient and comfortable to each individual family member.

Living unites and connects everything around the other rooms. This is the room in which the largest part of the life of landlords. When making a living, you can realize the most daring ideas, because the living room is a huge field for experimentation. This room will not prevent a variety of architectural and design forms, as long as it was consistent with a single combination and style and not disturb the harmony of the interior.

Living room can be as self- suite bathroom, and can be combined with the dining room, guest bedroom, lounge, library, office, and other places of different functional purpose. In each case, and the interior will be selected with a specific plan, and lifestyle habits of the inhabitants of the house.

There are several versatile options that can be used in whole or they can serve as constructive or decorative idea in designing the interior. One of the most popular trends today is the expansion of the living room by combining it with a dining room and kitchen. This achieves the desired effect of open and bright image. These zones can be identified by a local lighting, ceiling or floor decoration.

Living space can be increased by the addition of balconies. This area is perfect for the equipment in it conservatory or cozy place for tea. The boundaries of these zones can be different elements used in the interior, that will not break the harmony of style and interior. Ideas for the realization of these opportunities are many. Or connect separate living room with adjoining rooms can be with sliding room dividers, they are quite functional and can help you quickly transform the living room. Developing interior room should strive to create a place filled with coziness and comfort. It must be really convenient not only functional but also aesthetically pleasure where you can relax and chat with family and friends.

Living room is very plastic and its interior lends itself to any changes. Usually it is the link with all the space facilities. If, in the interior use “open” plan, the living room can be connected to the front door, where the link will be hallway and to the kitchen – the door.

During the equipment you need to focus on living taste, style and convenience. Furniture can be anything, but should create an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. Color solution depends entirely on the taste of the owner, the main thing that was not the color ” dissonance “. Choosing a style for the living room, do not oversaturate space decorative elements, moldings, which conceal the space, especially with regard to small rooms.

How People Can Get Best Sleep In Their Bedrooms?

Sleep is an important part of a living being residing on earth. People spend more than one third of their lifetime in sleeping. It is a habit for all being to slumber to maintain their body. Sleep is essential for people to increase their lost energy during works. Our body gets tired of working throughout the day which should be refreshed to do more work. People usually take small rest in between their work to revitalize their energy. But sleep is the complete rest which is necessary for our body to repair damage cells, regenerate cells, blood formation and rest to our body organ. Many people suffer from chronic fatigue and other health problems arise due to inadequate sleep during the night. So, let us see how people can get adequately in their bedrooms.

A normal people require 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Though many times, people can’t get this due to numerous reasons. The worst sufferers are those addicted with alcohol, caffeine and tobacco user. These generally affect our general sleep-wake cycle. Other factors are depressions, stress, health problems and sleeping disorders. So, it is extremely essential to have a good lifestyle and daily routine to maintain our health. Lots of problems can be solved by getting good sleeping aids from beds stores Auckland. Bed should be comfortable to provide complete relaxation to the body inducing sleep. People often select very soft beds for maximum comfort but it can’t support our body rigidly. This usually leads to stiff neck and back pains sleeping during the night. So, selecting a soft but rigid enough to support our body is necessary for getting maximum sleep during the night.

It is true that sleeping habits differs from people to people. But it is necessary to create a good sleeping condition in your room every night. One should try to buy houses away from city noises and hustles. A quiet, clean and dim light or dark room is necessary for good sleep. Some prefers to listen to soft music before going to sleep. Further, one should try to get the best mattress to provide necessary comfort to the body to gain maximum relaxation. Beds stores New Zealand can provide the necessary product to the people looking to get blissful sleep every night. This is because company is making the products after research in this field.

Today, getting the world class sleeping is expensive which can’t afford by poor people. So, high end sleeping products were considered for only well-to-do people. But this company is making the products from 100% natural latex and other rich fabric. Memory foam and spring coil systems are used in the products to give undisturbed and comfortable sleep. Most importantly, it is selling the products at affordable prices of the market. Bed sale Auckland is the best offer for the people looking to upgrade or buy world class sleeping product at attractive prices. Products are spacious to provide enough places for people to sleep with partner. It helps people to spread their body and sleep according to their habits. Buy special sleeping products from this company at cheaper rate of the market.

Explore the Awesome Collection of Dining Chairs in Internet Market

Discovering something awesome is really a smart act that is not possible simply for everyone. Although, when it comes upon selection of furniture, home decoration items and interior designing products, people just run behind the trendiest and the most popular but it is also true that many people just believe upon their own choice and get custom products done world. Going through online furniture stores, you will love to enjoy assistance of awesome furniture suppliers. Apart from being very expert and experienced about shopping of big products, you can just learn bogs available in official site so there testimonials. So are you ready to shop outstanding furniture such as dining chairs for your commercial or residential unit without any interruption? Check out service features offered by the leading dealers in this direction here –

What is special about them?

The best thing about the outstanding furniture supplier is that they can custom the product as per your demand. No matter, how trendy or contemporary design you want to shop for, they are active all the time to hear from you and understand your demand. That’s how, you can get an awesome combination of quality and performance at really affordable price. Here is the list of services they offer –

  • A wide series of designer furniture
  • Affordable and quality products
  • Full time customer care assistance
  • Custom service options

How can they help you?

The world class team of expert service dealers is ready to just hear your demand and work extensively in this direction. With the idea of custom service deals, you can even get personalized deals without any problem. That’s how; you can jazz up the look of your house. The variety of all the latest furniture can be discovered in Estore. You can visit your favorite web pages to see good quality furniture click by click.

Why should you call customer care staff?

Calling to the customer care staff is really a good idea for those who want to know more about services they offer. Are you interested to buy new dining chairs now? Although, there is no lack of good deals and beneficial approach you can have by being the customer of world class furniture suppliers still you can explore more about their services by talking to the customer care executives. Whether you want to place an order of dining table or you are willing to get free service quote online, you need nothing but to visit the official website.

Find Interesting Ideas to Improve Your New Bathroom With Bathroom Vanities

When you are redoing a basement consider including bathroom vanities or wall hung basins to complement your new space. This will change your otherwise bland bathroom and basement into a fun and luxurious place to hang out. When you are converting your basement and adding a bathroom, you need to consider many things. The first is whether your basement has an entrance. Many basements have staircases but you might have to add to the staircase to bring it up to code, or perhaps you have an otherwise unsafe doorway but no staircase, in which case you would need to install one. The next thing you need to consider is whether your basement is prone to excessive moisture. If you have problems with moisture, you may need to hire a professional to help you re-route rain gutters, weatherproof the exterior of your home, or install a sump pump for seasonal moisture issues.

After that, you need to consider is what you are using the space for when all is said and done. Deciding how the space will be used will help you plan the design and the potential construction costs. If you want a game room, for example, you might just need to refinish your ceiling, walls and floor. If you want to make it a bedroom, you will have to install bathroom facilities and maybe kitchen services. In this case, you will need to consider a professional to handle your plumbing, ventilation, and electrical wiring.

Some people add a bathroom to their basement conversion so that they can rent out the space. If you plan on doing this, you will need to take into consideration the private access your tenants will require. A plumber and an electrician can help you determine your needs and how to meet existing building code for the new space. Once this is done, you just need to finish the space itself. Make sure that the bathroom is warm and energy efficient. Use insulation to keep out moisture. Install new drywall and then invest in top notch new bathroom products.

Adding a new bathroom to your basement can be a rewarding way to utilize your space better and can increase the resale value of your home if it is done correctly. So make sure that you take all of this into consideration before you start construction and be sure to find only the best accessories for the new space.