Mosquitoes don’t attempt to bite through this eco-friendly forcefield

Most people enjoy spending time enjoying activities outdoors during fair weather. There are local festivals, farmers markets, family parties, gatherings with friends and sporting events that all take place outdoors. Add in gardening, poolside relaxing and refreshing evenings of patio lemonades and you (and your dogs!) are in a prime position to be targeted as a mosquito buffet.
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Just the fact that a person is breathing makes them attractive to mosquitoes. Warm weather that causes perspiration and elevated body heat in addition to activities that usually include drinking alcohol outside create the perfect storm for these flying invaders. Left with, at the very least an itchy red bump; and at worst a blood-borne disease like malaria, there is nothing pleasant about this experience. The fate for your dog s much worse: heart worms are transmitted through mosquito bites.

In the past, there have been solutions that include applications of product to the skin or burning candles to deter mosquitoes. Ones that use harsh chemicals are not only unhealthy for humans and pets but also dangerous for our environment. I personally do not like to apply anything to my skin when I am already sweaty and hot. And the smell of citronella oil in the air makes me nauseous.

When I found Thermacell, I was excited to try a repellent that did not smell like citronella, didn’t have an open flame and wasn’t in a form that I had to apply it to my skin. I am one of the people who are more attractive to mosquitoes due to certain factors. I work in my garden almost every day and if I do not do some type of parasite damage control, I am covered in mosquito bites. Thermacell sent me some of their products to try last season, however I had sprayed my yard with cedar oil (which repels fleas and mosquitoes). I wanted to give a realistic review with no other factors so I opted to wait until this season to complete my review. I’ve also taken the products with me to several other locations and I am happy to say they performed just as well everywhere else.

At a very reasonable $29.99, the Lantern is my favorite mosquito repellent tool. As a control, I spent about 12 hours per day on Sundays working on a very large, very detailed hardscaping project in my yard over the past four weeks. I used no mosquito protection and as a result, I earned myself about 8-10 mosquito bites. After breaking out the Lantern while watering my garden, weeding, pruning and continuing to do more yard work, I haven’t been bitten once. It’s effective in a 15’ x 15’ area so as long as I stay within that zone, I am safe! Moving around outside of that area definitely proves the effectiveness of the product: it’s like being inside of a force field when it’s on and has been given a little bit of time to build up in the air. It’s pretty, with settings for low or high as far as illumination is concerned, and looks cute wherever I set it down in the garden. It can be used as a lantern without turning on the mosquito repellent as well. My plan is to purchase several more and hang them on my fence posts or shepherd’s hooks so that my entire yard will be covered in protection. This way my dogs won’t wander out of the covered zone. Operating on a single butane cartridge, the lantern warms a little pad which is infused with allethrin. “Allethrin is a synthetic copy of a natural repellent found in pyrethrum flowers, a member of the chrysanthemum family.” It barely smells like much of anything and is definitely effective.

Thermacell also sent me their Mosquito Repellent Appliance to try. It covers the same area as the Lantern but has the capability of being attached to the person using it via a belt clip and costs a few dollars less than the lantern. This allows for hands-free protection without having to carry the Lantern around as you move. I found it to be helpful when hiking and walking, but I really love the look of the Lantern in the yard so I use it much more often. Because I am often bending and squatting when gardening, the appliance is a bit bulky for me. It still works the same as the Lantern, with the same amazing effectiveness but is just a little too big for a person of my small size. I took both to picnics and barbecues and wasn’t bitten by a single mosquito. My friends were amazed! The two products together are also available as a discounted package. They are also sold at your local Home Depot, Lowes, sporting goods stores, and Walmart.

Refills are available on their website and also on Amazon. I am so happy with this product, and I know you will be too! I could see this product as a vital item to pack when camping or fishing as well. I can say for sure that I will not be gardening without it! They are on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – follow and subscribe for coupons and specials.